11-12 July Round table meeting*

Patronage: ACI Europe 
Venue: Munich Airport, hosted by mr Michael Kerkloh, CEO
Moderator: Dr. Peter van Laarhoven
11 July 19.30-22.00h Dinner & Inspiring sessions
12 July 8.30-12.30h Round table meeting
12.30-13.30h Lunch
13.30-14.30h Conclusions and adjournment
*Invitation only 

27-29 June Future Travel Experience Dublin, Ireland

27 June 9.00-10.30 Speech by Katinka Bergema, Postdoc Researcher TU Delft/PassMe
‘Overcoming the challenges of rolling out door-to-door baggage delivery services’  

16 March Presentation Baggage as a Service
By Ms Katinka Bergema (TU Delft) and Mr Ad Rutten (former COO Schiphol group
Passenger Terminal Expo, Amsterdam, the Netherlands     


Nov. 2016 Presentation Airports Going Green 
(Amsterdam Schiphol) Ad Rutten/Rob Houben     

Steigenberger Hotel, Schiphol, the Netherlands


8-10 December 2015 Introductory presentation
ACI Airport Exchange conference, Istanbul, Turkey
presentation about future trends in baggage handling held at ACI Airport Exchange 2015.