Who we are

The continued growth of the aviation industry presents large-scale challenges in developing the required infrastructure. Air transport is predicted to double in the next few decades, and its impact will be felt across all continents. 
In particular, Europe will witness a scarcity in runway capacity / terminal expansions as airports look to accommodate the increase in passenger, baggage and freight volumes. This means that European sites must be proactive in outlining an appropriate strategy on innovation.
In anticipation of this, a number of prominent parties in the industry have come together to create the ‘Baggage as a Service’ initiative. These include Delft University, PassMe project,  Vanderlande,  and Schiphol Group . The group’s activities  are conducted under the guidance of ACI- Europe. 


‘Baggage as a Service’ aims to define long-term innovation agenda.
  • Significantly improving Pax Experience (baggage related)
  • A holistic view on Baggage
  • Supporting airports and airlines in EU to make a change
  • Enabling airports to accommodate growth

What we do
”BaaS stimulates and initiates”

Baggage as a Service approaches Baggage from a holistic view and  focuses on three key areas:
  • the development of baggage airport infrastructure (internal and external)
  • the development of necessary baggage IT support
  • assessing future passenger demands and the role of social media in view of baggage.
Our vision 2040

Future trends in baggage handling
A presentation about future trends in baggage handling held at ACI Airport Exchange 2015.

Report BaaS Workshop 8-9 June 2016
The focus was on the future of baggage handling from 2040 and beyond.