Who we are


The aviation industry faces an unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the passenger numbers are far behind the pre-COVID levels, the expectations are that air traffic will recover and grow further in line with demand. This continued growth of the aviation industry presents large-scale challenges in developing the required infrastructure and solutions. Air transport is, with a delay, predicted to double in the next few decades, and its impact will be felt across all continents.

In particular, Europe will witness a scarcity in runway capacity / terminal expansions as airports look to accommodate the increase in passenger, baggage and freight volumes. This means that European sites must be proactive in outlining an appropriate strategy on innovation.

In anticipation of this, a number of prominent parties in the industry came together to create the ‘Baggage as a Service’ initiative. These included Delft University, PassMe project, Vanderlande and Schiphol Group. The group’s activities were conducted under the guidance of ACI Europe.

What we do


”BaaS stimulates and initiates”


Baggage as a Service approaches Baggage from a holistic view and  focuses on three key areas:

  • the development of baggage airport infrastructure (internal and external)
  • the development of necessary baggage IT support
  • assessing future passenger demands and the role of social media in view of baggage.

‘Baggage as a Service’ aims to define long-term innovation agenda

Significantly improving Pax Experience (baggage related)


A holistic view on Baggage


Supporting airports and airlines in EU to make a change

Enabling airports to accommodate growth

Our vision 2024

Passenger experience is paramount

  1. Pax is in full control
  2. Personalised travel assistance
  3. Personalised use of common facilities

Carry on baggage for immediate needs only

  1. Paid airplane locker
  2. Seamless boarding
  3. Tax free home delivery

Hold baggage “door to door”

  1. Bag can travel independent by choice of pax
  2. Pax relies on guaranteed services
  3. Airport logistics become part of the chain

Significant change of business model of airports and airlines

  1. Need based critical baggage only
  2. From physical shopping to virtual shopping only
  3. More entertainment role for airport

Paper “Baggage as a Service – From pilot to scale-up”

This paper describes the challenges of developing and introducing innovative baggage solutions.

Paper “Disruption of baggage: fad or fact?”

This paper, a result of the 2017 round-table discussion, describes the “Vision 2040” on baggage.