During the 2016 workshop several presentations were held. These are available for download as PDF files. Click the download button and fill in the form to gain access to the presentations.
Below is an overview of available presentations.
  • Nick Gates, SITA
    Airports and airlines have worked hard over the last 10 years to improve baggage processing at airports. Robots come in different shapes and sizes - robots may be seen during the check-in / bag drop process to assist passengers. Baggage tracking must evolve to enable cost effective tracking of bags for IATA Resolution 753. IATA Resolution 753 will create a lot of new information to be exchanged between industry partners.
  • Houman Goudarzi, IATA
    Baggage management is rapidly evolving, with new processes being continuously introduced. The current messaging standards, which have been in place since 1985, do not provide an easy way to support baggage system integration and innovation. Baggage message failure or rejection are major causes of baggage mishandling, impacting customer service, and extra cost upon the industry.
  • Michel Boerrigter, Calendar 42
    Real innovation only takes place when there is an open and transparent information chain. And of course: “Always carry a towel!"
  • Federico Bonaudi, ACI Europe
    Results of the workshop: setting a baggage innovation agenda and action plan for both ACI and the aviation industry.